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Five Elements Beads Necklace - Earth

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Five Elements Beads Necklace - Earth / ネックレス
Five Elements / 五大元素(ごだいげんそ)は、世界を形作るとされている5つの「元素」を表しています。
「地」- Earth
素材 SV925+K18ゴールドコーティング
ビーズ部分 7mm×12mm
ネックレス長さ 36.5cm~45.5cm

Five Elements Beads Necklace - Earth

This collection is inspired by the five elements
( Space, Water, Fire,
Wind and Earth). According to our tradition these
five elements make up everything in our environment. Every experience we have from the sensations of
ones physical body to the emotions , and the
feelings of thoughts is said to be influence by
these five elements in interaction.

Each elements is designed very carefully to give
it a look as close to as each elements. Elegant
and one of a kind Necklace.

Material SV925 w/ K18 gold coating

Beads size 7mm×12mm

Necklace Length 36.5 cm~45.5 cm (8.5 cm adjuster)

All design and made in Japan.
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you have to pay for the import tax in your country.

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¥16,060 tax included